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Origins 5/10-11/13
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Origins 5/10-11/13
Origins 1 by Jim Gibson 5/10/13
Issues in Faith and Science: Getting the First Button Right.
(The importance of worldview, and philosophical assumptions.)

Origins 2 by Jim Gibson 5/11/13
God, Nature and Origins. (Natural and supernatural; God acting
directly or indirectly, continuously or discontinuously; miracles, etc.)

Origins 3 by Jim Gibson 5/11/13
Earth, Designed for Life. (How the acts of creation in Genesis 1
were designed to prepare the world for living organisms.)

Origins 4 by Jim Gibson 5/11/13
Creationist View of Change in Species. (How a creationist might
relate to changes in species, and limits to change.)

Origins QA by Jim Gibson 5/11/13

Origins 5 by Jim Gibson 5/11/13
What Do Fossils Tell Us? (Introductory talk about fossils and geology.)