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Video Archive 2012
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Archived Sabbath School Videos are on each weeks page with the sermon for that week.

Dec. 2012
Being a Righteous Man
Missing Out
Candlelight Christmas Concert
Campion Academy Christmas Concert
God is Pro-Choice

Nov. 2012
The Prophet: The Responsive Worship
Mountain Tops and Unanswered Prayers
The Prophet: Living in a Strange Land

Oct. 2012
Ophidian Lesson
A Thought on Contracting
Nehemiah Leader and Builder
Mark Anthony Dinner & a Message

Sept. 2012
The Basics
Is the Bible an Allegory
The Case of Mistaken Identity

Aug. 2012
A Word on Acting
The Sabbath Rest
Sermon on the Mount Part V
Where Would I Go?

July 2012
Kingdom of Heaven - Marriage
Risk vs. Reward
Radical Righteousness

June 2012
Of Grains and Beams
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Fellowship of the Word
Tales of the Afterlife

May 2012
The Rescue
Spring Concert
A Tale of Servanthood Pt. 2

April 2012
To Be God's People
A Tale of Servanthood Pt.1
Running with Jonah Pt.3
Weaving A Prayer

March 2012
He Must Increase
Running with Jonah Pt.2
Running with Jonah Pt.1
The Fisherman's Lecture

February 2012
The Shepherd
God's House
Does God Understand?

January 2012
The Value of a Soul