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Video from 2010
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Video from 2010

December 2010
We're Not That Far From Bethlehem
Candlelight Christmas Concert
Campion Christmas Concert
The S's of Adventism Sabbath

November 2010
A Sacrifice of Praise
Thanks-Giving Back
Parent's Weekend
The S's of Adventism Sanctuary

October 2010
Steve Arrington Weekend
Teach Us to Pray
When Young People Dared to Dream
The S's of Adventism - The Second Coming
The S's of Adventism - Salvation

September 2010
Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way
Lead or Follow
Planks, Gates and Foundations
What's in it for Me?

August 2010
The Best Year Ever
Greatest Sermon Ever Told
Adding Up
Powerful Metaphors

July 2010
Nine Attitudes to Live By
Our Hiding Place
Church Campout

June 2010
Oil Spill
Dealing with Difficult People
He Knows the Plan, Do You?
The Sower, Seed, Soil

May 2010
Most Crucial of Conversations
Praise Service

April 2010
Auburn Academy
Signs of the Times
Army of One
There is Hope

March 2010
Sabbath School @ Campion
The Son of Man
Courage to Stand
Close Encounters of A Divine Kind

February 2010
Student Week of Prayer
Integrity: The Needle and the Pole
Changing Our Life
God's Superstars

January 2010
The Way, The Truth, and the Bread
Ingredients for a New Life
A New Year Communion