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Video Content from 2009
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Video Content from 2009

December 2009
No Room for God?
Candlelight Christmas Concert
Campion Academy Christmas Concert
Amazing Advent Prophecies

November 2009
A Psalm of Praise
A Song of Thanksgiving
It's Hard to Walk in Dead Men's Clothes
Spot Light

October 2009
Hope Seminar 2009
The Song of Moses and the Lamb
Upon this Rock
Bible Baptism
Advent Leader; Pioneer

September 2009
Prodigal Love
The Summer is Ended

August 2009
A Drunken Promise
Secret Power, A Spiritual BreakThrough
The Fifth Storm
Love That Compels
A Missionary Adventure

July 2009
Campmeeting 2009
The Meaning..The Purpose
Are You Sure You're A Christian
Freedom at Any Cost

June 2009
Bread of Heaven
A Gate Called Beautiful
Testimony & Discernment
Cooking with Mark Anthony

May 2009
From A Maniac To A Missionary
Come Meet My Friend

April 2009
My Two Wives